Minnesota based artist Daniel Volenec has concentrated on drawing and painting people for over a decade. Dan trained at the now famous Atelier Lack under the tutelage of Steven Gjertson where technique was emphasized. Yet Dan understands that presenting a figure is about more than technique. Creating compelling figures requires sensing and tapping into a world without words and trusting that world to guide and instruct. This tension, the combination of honed skill and fragrance from the ‘other side’ compels him to explore the complexity of the human condition.


Subtlety and delicate execution is emphasized in the deeply personal themes fueling Dan’s art. These themes include the act of decision making, the struggle for acceptance, the reconciliation of broken relationships. He makes large pieces for the same reason Georgia O’Keeffe made large flower paintings. It was a way she found to stop the busy people for a few seconds.


Dan may spend months contemplating what he hopes to convey. Then he spends another 100-200 hours creating each image. Still, in the end, he hopes the art he creates is not just about him and his thoughts. Dan believes the images should stand on their own and connect with the viewer’s life experiences. His work is meant to be generative, engaging the viewer's aesthetic and maintaining an ongoing dialogue.


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